Abandoned East Cleveland

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East Cleveland was partially founded by Scottish immigrants, whose names can still be found in the city such as Shaw Ave. , McIlrath Ave. , and Eddy Rd. . East Cleveland incorporated as a village in 1895 and became a city in 1911. This charter included provisions for women’s suffrage, which at the time was unheard of east of the Mississippi River. Before the charter passed, the city of Cleveland unsuccessfully attempted to annex the municipality in 1910 and in 1916.
East Cleveland includes a portion of Euclid Avenue, which from the 1860s through the 1920s was known as “Millionaire’s Row.” The many estates along this stretch of road in East Cleveland including the home of the late John D. Rockefeller, the Standard Oil founder and “the world’s first billionaire.”
A ghetto city in Ohio, one of the most dangerous in the country. Every side is ghetto especially the eastside east cleveland and the westside in the city. Tags: Cleveland, ghetto, murder, homicide, slums, projects, graffiti, gangs, people nation, folk nation, crips, bloods, 7-all, 10-5, waste 5, hough heights, quarter boys, st clair wasteland, double glock, bone thugs, thuggish, trues, shootings, stabbings, most dangerous, bellaire gardens, garden valley, lakeview, riverview, olde cedar, cedar estates, cliffview, king lincoln, morris black, projects, outwaithe, longwood, Lorain, Elyria, Youngstown, mansfield, warren, East Cleveland, Euclid, St Clair, clark-fulton, superior, MLK, Buckeye ave, woodland, euclid, carnegie, 99th, ghetto, 130th, 79th, 55th, 65th, 116th, 123rd, LA Gunnaz, shaw, miles, harvard, lee, lakeshore, fights, Kinsman, Union, Broadway, Bartlett, Hough, Detroit, Madison, Storer, Denison, Bellaire, Puritas, Quincy, Addison

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Music provided by Ryan Manthey a Lakewood Ohio resident and Musician.
The song in the video is called three cords. The link to this full song and others
Is provided below
Ryan Manthey

David Rockefeller Jr, Susan Rockefeller, Jonathan Rendell: “Art and Philanthropy” | Talks at Google

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David Rockefeller’s eldest son David Jr. and his wife Susan, along with Jonathan Rendell, Deputy Chairman of Christie’s Americas, discuss the recent, record-breaking successful Rockefeller family auction hosted by Christie’s New York, as well as continuing legacy of the Rockefeller family’s philanthropy.

In spring 2018, Christie’s New York hosted the “auction of the century,” selling the entire contents of David and Peggy Rockefeller’s art collection for philanthropic purposes, raising a record-breaking $835 million — the highest total ever for any single-owner collection at auction and the most significant charitable auction in history. Mr. Rendell, David Jr. and Susan discuss the thrilling experience of the auction itself, the plan for dispersal of the sale proceeds to selected charities, and the innovative ways in which the current generations of Rockefellers are upholding the family’s dedication to philanthropy — a rare opportunity for an insider’s conversation with two members of this storied American family.

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Moderated by Emma Fallone.

The Road To Freedom | Pastor Jabin Chavez

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Second part to series, Cycles

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Havra Nashira performed by A Cappella Corpus Christi

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A Cappella Corpus Christi performs the Hebrew round Havra Nashira. The venue is the church at Mission de Nuestra Señora del Espíritu Santo de Zuñiga in Goliad State Park, Texas. The natural ambience of the acoustic performance in the church lent authenticity to the music.

Ho Teri Stuti Aur Aaradhana Hindi Christian Song.

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lyrics :
Ho teri stuti aur aradhana
Karta hu mein tujhse yeh prarthana
Mahima se teri tu is jagah ko bhar
Jo bhi tu chahe tu yahan par kar

Hale-hallelujah-hallelujah-hallelu – (2)

Karuna se teri naya din dikhata hai
Dhal banker meri mujhe bachata hai
Jab main pukaru tu daude aata hai
Jab main giru mujhe uthata hai
Hale-hallelujah …

Sare jahan mein tujhsa koi nahi
Tujhko chod koyi prabhu hai hi nahi
Ghutne main teku bas tere saamne
Tu hai mera prabhu tu mera pita
Hale-hallelujah …

Exploring ABANDONED Hospital! *GRAPHIC CONTENT!!!*

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I visited Reid hospital about a year ago when I found all this blood, looks as if someone or multiple people were brutally killed in the spot. The blood looks real to me, what are your guys thoughts on it?

►Please know, when visiting these locations I do not steal or vandalize. The only thing I take are photos and I only leave footprints.


Instagram: @CCondon_
Snapchat: @Its_Condon

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– Tripod: Zomei 55” ($50)
– Photo Camera: Nikon D610 ($1,250)
– Video Camera: iPhone 7 ($800)
– Wide Lens: Tamron 14mm ($200)
– Zoom Lens: Nikon 18-105 ($250)
– Video Editing Program: Final Cut Pro X ($300)
– Photo Editing Program: Photoshop CS10 ($30/Month)






►Song used:
“Peder B. Helland-Ominous Wind-15716”


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Chattanooga Contra Dance – Vicki Herndon & Horse Mountain – Heartbeat Contra – B

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Chattanooga Contra Dance – Vicki Herndon & Horse Mountain – IV B
(This dance sequence is “Heartbeat Contra” by Don Flaherty.)

Comfort Me (1974) – The First Baptist Young Adult Choir of Huntsville, Alabama

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Track 2 from the album, “It Will Be Worth It All”. Soloist is Janice Summerhill. The Choir is under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland Wilson.

Musicians – James Ford (Organ) and Antoinette S. Wilson (Piano)

Comfort Me (1974) – The First Baptist Young Adult Choir of Huntsville, Alabama

Views:636|Rating:5.00|View Time:4:10Minutes|Likes:9|Dislikes:0
Track 2 from the album, “It Will Be Worth It All”. Soloist is Janice Summerhill. The Choir is under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland Wilson.

Musicians – James Ford (Organ) and Antoinette S. Wilson (Piano)