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Bill Gates, Actor: Frasier. Born William Henry III is an American entrepreneur, business mogul, investor, philanthropist, and widely known as one of the most richest.

We've seen plenty of Bill Gates on television, but we'd never seen him get emotional before. It was a striking, yet subtle moment in Gates' 60 Minutes interview this week when Charlie Rose asked him about his longtime business rival, the late Steve Jobs. Gates grew emotional as he recalled visiting Jobs just before his.

With his wife Melinda, Bill Gates chairs the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the world’s largest private charitable foundation. The foundation works to save lives.

Oct 30, 2017. ill.Gates is one of the dopest in the bass music game. Here is an exclusive interview from iEDM: ill.Gates Talks Bassnectar And Meeting Bill Gates at Imagine Festival 2017.

The liberal blog ThinkProgress is not happy with Microsoft founder Bill Gates’s opposition to taxing carbon dioxide. “energy miracles” to wean the world of fossil fuels in an interview with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s.

Bill Gates expressed in his Reddit "AmA" Q&A session today. this and don’t understand why some people are not concerned.” Exit Theatre Mode Gates stated in a recent interview with Backchannel that he’s not trying to limit.

I see something disingenuous about Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates. times in an interview posted today. The implications for Microsoft cannot be overstated, and the company’s current chief executive should state corporate.

Bill Gates has been proved right in his predictions concerning world affairs, societal changes, and technological advances multiple times before.

Gates provided his perspective on a range of issues in a substantial interview that was published in the March 27, 2014 issue of Rolling Stone magazine. In the interview, Gates provided his perspective on climate change, his charitable activities, various tech companies and people involved in them, and the state of America.

Windows Phone has been dead for over a year now, and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates too believes it’s time to move.

That’s why the first episode of the one-hour program will be a keynote interview.

Oct 23, 2017  · Interviews with Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and other tech elites consistently reveal that Silicon Valley parents are strict about technology use. A.

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But Bill Gates believes that governments should tax companies. one of the leading players in artificial-intelligence technology. In a recent interview with Quartz, Gates said that a robot tax could finance jobs taking care of elderly.

Teasing in the Bill Gates household doesn’t unfold as it does in many homes around the U.S. Case in point, Bill’s kids routinely tease the Microsoft co-founder with—what else?—Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars’s top 40 hit, Billionaire. "The.

Why Bill Gates Fights Diseases Abroad, Not At Home · April 24, 2014 • The Microsoft founder and philanthropist talks with NPR's David Greene about why he's spent billions on health efforts in developing countries, and about the prospect of beating polio and malaria.

Bill Gates, co-chair and trustee of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, receives an exclusive interview with the Xinhua News Agency during the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) Annual Conference 2013 in Boao, South China’s Hainan Province,

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So says Bill Gates in a dogmatic but somewhat confused interview with The Atlantic in which he simultaneously pours scorn on green tech solutions but insists that more of them are needed – on a scale bigger than the Manhattan Project.

If there was ever going to be a sign that Windows Phone was well and truly dead, this would have to be it: Bill Gates himself has finally taken the plunge and switched over to Android. In an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News.

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Jun 13, 2010. Interview with Microsoft's Bill Gates.

Feb 9, 2017. In an interview with CNN, recorded in October, Gates talked about his commitment to tackling disease and famine. "Our foundation focuses on the diseases of poor countries such as malaria, HIV, diarrhea and pneumonia," Gates told CNN. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is investing millions in.

Oct 3, 2016. Imagine the scenario: a series of extremely fortunate events get you the opportunity to interview Bill Gates. Maybe you are at a turning point in your journalism career, or your philanthropic business caught his eye and he asks to meet you. Or you just stood out from the crowd. Whatever. You are going to.

Sep 17, 2016. In a wide-ranging interview with CTV National News Chief Anchor and Senior Editor Lisa LaFlamme, Microsoft founder Bill Gates spoke about the challenges of achieving disease eradication, his efforts to encourage the world's richest to help the world's poorest, and his thoughts on Donald Trump.

Engadget recently got to sit down with Microsoft’s Bill Gates and talk about a number of topics. The interview was run on Engadget in two parts but for Tablet PC owners Part Two, which covered some Tablet PC ground, was the one we were.

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Sep 26, 2017. Windows Phone has been dead for a good year now, and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has decided it's also time to move on. In an interview with Fox News Sunday (spotted by On MSFT), Gates reveals he's now using an Android phone. While Gates doesn't reveal the exact model, he does note that it has.

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Apr 21, 2017. Wearing an £8 Casio watch during an interview with The Mirror, the Microsoft founder also says he limits his youngest's screen time before she goes to bed.

Feb 17, 2017. This notion has been discussed time and time again, but Bill Gates has taken it further with an extra step he says will help us get “net ahead.” “Right now, if a human worker does, you know, $50,000 worth of work in a factory, that income is taxed,” he said in a video interview with Quartz. “If a robot comes into.

May 16, 2013  · 15 Interesting Facts About Bill Gates. Bill Gates, one of the wealthiest men in the world, is practically a household name due to the huge popularity and use of.

WASHINGTON: A recent Oxfam study reported that income inequality in the world is increasing and accelerating, but.

Feb 15, 2017. Bill Gates opened up — a tiny bit — about his "errant youth" in a 1994 interview with Playboy Magazine.

From medical vaccines to financial services to educational resources, connectivity is key. Bill Gates and President Bill Clinton explain the positive impact of being plugged in on a global scale.

Bill Gates Dollars. Another way to examine this sort of wealth is to compare it to yours. Consider an average American of modest wealth. Perhaps she has a net worth.

Response when he was asked whether he believed in God, at his interview with the Rolling Stone Magazine. March 27, 2014. I agree with people like Richard Dawkins that mankind felt the need for creation myths. Before we really began to understand disease and the.

This week, CBS news program “60 Minutes” had an interview with Microsoft co-founder and now major philanthropist Bill Gates, called “Bill Gates 2.0.” It also included some discussion of his longtime relationship with the late Apple legend.

Microsoft chairman and former CEO, Bill Gates in his interview with CBS This Morning has been critical of the company’s mobile phone strategy calling it a clear mistake. Bill Gates was also asked if he was happy with the.

Moyo recently sat down with Slate’s Jacob Weisberg to explain why aid programs don’t deliver and how people like Bill Gates could better spend their billions to make a difference in Africa. In the days ahead, look for more of our interview.

Gates’s choices are listed at the bottom of the page, after some highlights from the interview. At the age of 12. and I was more of an engineer than he was Bill Gates, Desert Island Discs "Paul and I had done enough programming.

Oct 10, 2011  · The interview with the "Wizards" of the silicon valley Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at the D5 conference. Steve.

5:34 PM ET Thu, 4 Jan 2018. OMAHA, Neb.— Billionaire Warren Buffett remains optimistic about the U.S. economy and the nation’s prospects for the future.

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Nov 13, 2017. Interview: Bill Gates makes US$100 million personal investment to fight Alzheimer's. Billionaire Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is to invest US$50 million in the Dementia Discovery Fund, a venture capital fund that brings together industry and government to seek treatments for the brain-wasting disease.

William Henry Gates III (born October 28, 1955) is an American business magnate, investor, author, philanthropist, and co-founder of the Microsoft Corporation along.

Gates continues her run as the most powerful woman in philanthropy as co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Her laser focus on health is having a real.

If you fast-forward a decade, classrooms and lessons might look a little different, according to Microsoft (MSFT) Chairman Bill Gates. that, Gates argues. "Being there physically doesn’t add much value," Gates told CNNMoney in an.

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Feb 17, 2017. But Bill Gates believes that governments should tax companies' use of them, as a way to at least temporarily slow the spread of automation and to fund. In a recent interview with Quartz, Gates said that a robot tax could finance jobs taking care of elderly people or working with kids in schools, for which.

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Reducing the UK government’s commitment to foreign aid spending would cost lives, American billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates has warned. The Microsoft founder.

Feb 22, 2016. The head of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation spoke about how to make an energy miracle happen, the stakes of climate change, and what the role of the world's billionaires is in all of this. Interview edited for clarity and length. Drake Baer: What are the most exciting things happening right now in clean.

With that said, the company’s co-founder Bill Gates has often been asked which phone he has elected on using for his own. In an interview with Fox News, the 61-year-old tech innovator revealed that he had replaced his Windows phone.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is offering $10 million to fund ideas improving education and eradicating poverty, among other causes.

Oct 19, 2015  · While Bill Gates has a schedule that’s planned down to the minute, the entrepreneur-turned-billionaire-humanitarian still gobbles up about a book a week.

Bill Gates is Microsoft. He has always been a big proponent of Microsoft products, but it sounds like even he can’t use Windows Phone anymore. In an interview with Chris Wallace, Bill Gates was mainly asked about his work with the.